Using Nik Silver Efex Pro for adding pop to a color photograph

Nik Silver Efex Pro

Not until recent did I ever think about using Nik Silver Efex Pro for use in a color photograph.  Typically, the Photoshop plugin is used to convert your color photograph to a stunning blakc and white.  Not only that, but it does a fantastic job in doing so.

Back in April, Justin Balog posts an incredible video tutorial on how he uses Nik Silver Efex Pro on his HDR photographs.  Please watch his video, and check out his work to see his technique in use.  Since watching Justin’s video I have been taking advantage of the technique in many of my new photos.  I do not just use the technique on HDR photos.  I have been using it on standard color photographs as well.

So please visit Justin’s website, watch the video tutorial, check out his photographs and learn an amazing technique to add some contrast and depth to your photographs.  You can also follow Justin on Twitter.

The video is also embedded here.

If you are interested in purchasing Nik Silver Efex Pro or any of the Nik Software plugins make sure to take advantage of my discount code scottwyden to save 15% off your total.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I use a similar technique with Luminosity and Overlay quite frequently.

  2. I'd love to watch, however, vimeo is not playing on my iPhone :( apparently only avail to plus members

    1. Yes, only for Plus members. Switch to a computer when you can :-)

  3. WOW, this is pretty amazing…had no idea I could do this kind of thing…thanks Scott.

    1. You're welcome Mike. Make sure you thank Justin for the awesome video!

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