How to Use Two Cameras in Zoom

In the past, I have shared how to do multicam setups within a Zoom or Meet call. This is a digital method of camera switching.

There are also physical methods for camera switching.

But I received a great question about showing two cameras at once in Zoom or Meet.

What if I need to use both the built-in camera of the laptop and an external webcam at the same time? I need to have a setup where they can see my face and a view of my back facing the laptop both at the same time for the exams. I can’t use my phone as the second camera because I need to use it for something else. I can only use the laptop’s webcam and an external webcam

As you might imagine, there are many possible reasons for needing two cameras showing at once.

Teachers might need to show themselves and a document cameras at the same time.

Students might need to show themselves and their surroundings for test time.

In this video, I answer the question and demonstrate how to accomplish this within Ecamm Live for MacOS.

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