If you have a photography business in New Jersey, or you are someone trying to learn the ins and outs of your camera. If you want to learn how to capture better photographs of your kids, grandkids, or other people, then look no further.

If you need more direct help or instruction on photography or WordPress I offer individual photography and WordPress tutoring sessions along with group tutoring sessions. These sessions are personalized and intended to help you where you are struggling

I have been a photographer since 2000, and have built a successful photography business while also working for other photography businesses as a marketer.

Private classes, workshops, and lessons have always been something I have offered. But never officially.

Now that has changed and I am happy to offer photography and WordPress tutoring as a service of my New Jersey photography business.

I prefer to work in-person for the most engaging and interactive learning experience. But if needed, we can work over Skype, Zoom or Google Hangout.

Photography Tutor in New Jersey

In my photography tutoring sessions, we cover all the questions you have or any challenges you might be experiencing.

If desired, I can offer constructive critiques on your photography as well.

My goal is to help you learn more, do better, and enjoy doing it.

Photography Tutor in New Jersey
  • Learn how to use your camera
  • Learn shutter speeds
  • Learn aperture
  • Learn ISO
  • Learn white balance
  • Learn to edit
  • Learn how to use lights
  • Learn about neutral density filters
  • Move to manual mode
  • Create a Lightroom workflow

Want to learn something else related to photography? Maybe you have a group of people wanting to learn at the same time? Start a conversation.

WordPress Tutor in New Jersey

If you are tired of watching generic training videos and want a real person to sit down with, then I am your man.

Want optimization? Get help aligning your strategy to be more effective with your WordPress site. Make the WordPress experience as painless and easy as possible for you, and enjoyable for your site’s visitors.

You can save money while using WordPress. In fact, some schools have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars every year by using WordPress. I can show you how to be more productive, get better results, and improve your revenue using WordPress as your base.

Or if you just need the basics, we start there!

WordPress Tutor in New Jersey
  • Learn how to update your site
  • Learn how to edit your site
  • Learn how to use you the block editor
  • Learn how to use your page builder
  • Learn how to use your theme
  • Get help finding the right plugin for the job.

Want to learn something else related to WordPress? Maybe you have a group of people wanting to learn at the same time? Or maybe your business needs training for its employees. Start a conversation.

Book A Tutor Session

Tutoring sessions are $85 an hour. They can be shorter if you need it to be, but the hourly fee is a minimum. If you need multiple hours in one sitting, a discount will be offered.

If your group tutoring is requested, a discount rate will also be provided per person.

A non-refundable deposit of the first hour is required when securing a tutor session date and time.

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