Eric from Topaz Labs sent out this Press Release about a new version of Simplify, Clean and DeJPEG. All are free updates for current owners. Go download them now for major performance improvements. If you never tried the plugins you can do that by downloading the full functional free trials for 30 days. If you like the plugins just use my discount code scottwyden to save yourself 15% off the total.

Even better yet, you can save a lot of money by purchasing the entire plugin bundle!

Fun fact: You’re missing out if you’ve never tried Topaz Simplify, our photo to art plug-in. What do you see when you gaze upon a classic da Vinci, a moving Monet, or a timeless van Gogh? Beauty. Elegance. But most of all… simplicity. The masters of art know that less is more. At the click of a button, Simplify removes distracting details from your photos so the important ones can be seen – the way a great painter would.

Visit the Simplify homepage to start your journey towards photo-artistic nirvana. Every photo you take from now on can be molded into dozens of unique artistic variations, each with its own distinct style. Painting skill is overrated – try Simplify and be your own Rembrandt.

Simplify 3, Clean 3, DeJPEG 4 Free Upgrades

We’re happy to announce free upgrades to Topaz Simplify, Topaz Clean, and Topaz DeJPEG. The update boosted speed, performance, and stability, and each software now sports a redesigned user interface to match that of Adjust 4 and Detail 2.

If you own the software, download the upgrades now!

New Lightroom and Aperture Compatibility

Topaz products are now compatible with Lightroom and Aperture on both Mac and Windows, with the release of the new Topaz Fusion 2. Now you can integrate Topaz products into your Lightroom or Aperture-based workflow that much better. More info here.

CS5 Compatibility News

Every product in the Topaz Photoshop Bundle will work perfectly in Photoshop CS5 for both Mac and Windows by the time it ships. Any upgrade required to make this happen will be free of charge.

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