Topaz Labs Plugins now with 64-bit CS5 Compatibility

That’s right folks, Topaz Labs has updated all of their plugins for full Photoshop CS5 Compatibility!  Read the press release below and then click the links to download your updates.

To use Topaz plugins in 64bit download the Photoshop BUNDLE because individual downloads not 64bit for some reason

We’re happy to announce that each product in the Topaz Plug-in Bundle is now fully compatible with 64-bit Photoshop CS5 on both Mac and Windows.

Topaz plug-ins working natively in 64-bit are faster, stabler, and support larger photos without problems. Download the CS5-compatible software here:

Topaz Downloads

To download and install the update, simply re-download the software you own from the above link and re-install it on your computer. After re-installation, the Topaz plug-ins will appear in the Photoshop Filters menu.

The following products in the bundle have been upgraded to 64-bit:

  • Topaz Adjust – Easily make your photos pop
  • Topaz DeNoise – Remove noise while recovering detail
  • Topaz Simplify – Turn photographs to art
  • Topaz ReMask – Extract and mask quickly and easily
  • Topaz Clean – Smooth and stylize your photo
  • Topaz Detail – Enhance detail and sharpen with no artifacts
  • Topaz DeJPEG – Remove JPEG compression artifacts
  • If you don’t own Topaz software yet, check out the Topaz Plug-In Bundle for a set of easy-to-use and powerful post-processing tools. As a CS5 64-bit launch promotion, use the coupon code “64CS5” for $30 off the bundle until the end of the month!

    Enjoy everyone!

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    1. what about vivacity?

    2. It is not part of the Photoshop Bundle so I don't think it was updated for 64-bit. But I would double check with Topaz

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