Topaz Labs does it again with DeNoise 5

Topaz Labs has done it again.  In the previous release of DeNoise 4, they introduced a power tool called IntelliNoise.  In DeNoise 5 they have introduced even more incredible features.  Check it out for yourself.

With the release of DeNoise 4, Topaz introduced Intellinoise, a new technology that made it easier to restore High ISO images suffering extensive noise. Receiving a large amount of reviews and feedback, we were able to identify the desire for additional tools to offer better, faster results. With the release of DeNoise 5, Topaz has developed a way for the software to run over twice as fast, without sacrificing any image quality! The most significant improvements for DeNoise 5 include:

  • Twice as fast, with no image-quality degradation.
  • Ability to process images twice as big.
  • Debanding Tab – Banding noise is eliminated with our new dual-directional Debanding Technology.
  • Correct Black Level slider in the Noise Reduction Menu – This parameter helps reduce any haze or color cast left behind after noise reduction, revealing the true richness in the darkest areas of an image.

DeNoise5 UI


  • It works with CS5 in 64 Bit.
  • It works with Lightroom, Aperture and iPhoto using Fusion
  • It is powerful!
  • It is fast!!
  • It’s a free upgrade for current DeNoise owners!!!

Noise Comparison


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