Topaz DeNoise 4 released w/ IntelliNoise and free upgrade

Topaz Labs has done it again.  They have released Topaz DeNoise 4 as a free upgrade to current owners of DeNoise 3Denoise now has more power and is much faster and smoother with the new UI.  Download it and give it a try!

For a limited time use the discount code INTELLINOISE to get Topaz DeNoise for $30 off at only $49.99! (Also works on bundle.) Expires 5/31/2010 so act now! When the discount code expires don’t forget you can use my exclusive discount code scottwyden to save 15%.

  • Optimally remove noise and recover detail in your photos.
  • Use IntelliNoise™, the only noise reduction technology capable of preserving image detail while removing noise.
  • Shoot faster, darker, and clearer by up to four stops. (Denoise 4 makes ISO1600 look identical to ISO100.)
  • Enjoy perks like LR/Aperture support, presets, and more.

Topaz DeNoise 4 is newly powered by a leap forward in noise reduction technology – IntelliNoise™ – which was developed in-house by Topaz Labs after years of research into image processing. The goal of the project was to discover a noise reduction solution that was actually capable of recovering detail as well as removing noise. The effort was spearheaded by a Ph.D in Computer Vision with twenty years of experience in the field, and the culmination of that effort means that the IntelliNoise™ technology now exclusively powers Topaz DeNoise 4.

Unprecedented quality in noise reduction has finally arrived. Reduce more noise and preserve more detail than any solution you’ve ever used.

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