Think Tank Photo’s Amazing Customer Service

As many people know I work at Mack Camera & Video Service as an Assistant Repair Manager but I also deal a lot of with the retail section of the company. I got us some accounts like RayFlash, Think Tank Photo, Honl Photo and many more. We have been selling them for a while now and their doing very well. We try to sell products we support and will stand behind. Personally I’ve had great experiences with Think Tank Photo. When I had a problem as a customer they took care of me. This time I had an experience as a dealer. This is the email I sent to Think Tank.


We sold a Glass Taxi to a customer online. When she received it she stated that the rain cover is missing. I asked her to check one more time for it and that I will check our inventory room to see if somehow it was removed. We do not have it but I am still awaiting on her answer. Is it possible that a bag was shipped without a rain cover? If she confirms that it was not with it can a replacement rain cover be mailed to us?

Well, two days later I received a replacement rain cover in the mail. It was shipped fast from California, no questions asked. I love the fact that I support a company that has great customer service for their customers AND for their dealers.

Thanks Guys!

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