The type of Tweeps that annoy me
Nikon D700, ISO 100, 70mm, f/2.8, 1/200
  • Tweeps who you send a reply to asking a question and then send a direct message back in a pretentious mannor and do not follow you so you can direct message back
  • Tweeps who join Twitter, follow you and that is it.  That is an instant block in my book.
  • Tweeps who ONLY retweet.  We all retweet but if that is all you do then please leave twitter

If you aren’t one of these people then please follow me on Twitter because I’m a nice, cool guy


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  1. well… since you asked…. ;)

    i’m starting to tune out twitter users who repeat what they say on multiple accounts. be it 3rd party site/service spam [twibes much?] or do it too often with RTs that are OT for a commercial or product based account [toyota news from a photo store?]

    not to call you out on your own site, but its becoming clear to me I don’t need to follow both @scottwyden *and* @mackcamera

    – @placenamehere

  2. Chris,

    I understand what you're saying, but Mack Camera is not just a photo store. Mack is an international electronics service contract provider. What we post on Mack's twitter, although some are repeats and retweets, we also post tips, tricks, product and industry news, etc…

    Anyway. I love those shots you took at Bryant Park. They look amazing!


  3. Thanks for the compliments on those shots — for a little park i always find something to shoot their!

    As for the content on the twitter accounts I wasn't really coming down on anything — just trying to remind you to think of your audience. I expect a personal account to cover a diversity of topics and interests [myself I'm jumping between web dev, photo, local and a few other worlds] but when I follow a business, which I don't do too often, I expect its focus to be more controlled… looking at what you've posted recently to both of the accounts I see the items about the prius, skype, etc as noise in one context but not the other. [and double noise when i got it just 3 seconds before].

    To put more context around it … the double dose of twibe posts had me questioning following both accounts already … automated messages all afternoon really are more evil then a little bit of OT-ness here or there.

  4. Chris,

    I will take your comments into consideration. I am always trying to improve how I tweet for me and for Mack. I was once told that I tweet to much so I already cut that back.

    Thank you again

    Oh, I hope to see you at the Feltville photowalk :)


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