The Locks Of The Brooklyn Bridge


Do a Google search for Brooklyn Bridge Locks and see what returns.  So many publications have written about the mysterious locks along the bridge.  It’s also fascinating to see friends and even random tourists photograph the locks.  It is something so random that it has to be captured.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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    1. Thank you very much Steven

  1. Really digging the way you chose to compose this shot. I saw the locks and wondered about them but didn’t think to snap away. I saw bFurb had a cool shot of them a few days ago. Nicely done, gonna Google now and see what I get :)

    1. Thanks Steve! Bob got some brackets of another batch of locks right next to these. Hopefully he will process them for us to see as well :-)

  2. Hey – I’m a random tourist and I took some photos of the very same (might process them tonight now I’ve seen this!)

    1. Can’t wait to see the shot buddy! :-)

  3. You inspired me Scott, this had been lurking for some time; now heavily PP’d I found a use for it!

    1. That came out awesome dude!

    1. Don, nice shots! I always enjoy seeing how other photographers photograph something I’ve photographed. It’s a blast!

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