The Hunting Vulture
Vulture Ugly
Ugly Vulture

Here are a few facts about the Vulture

  • Vultures are ugly
  • Vultures are sneaky
  • Vultures are scary
  • Vultures peck at eyeballs
  • Vultures eat dead meat

That list can go on and on…

Did you know Vultures tip toe up to its prey?  I didn’t until I witnessed it first hand.

Vulture Tip Toe
Vulture Tip Toe

Disturbing isn’t strong enough.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Creepy looking bird. Great shot though.

    1. Thank you Jason. I was pretty creeped out myself

  2. Love the list of basic vulture facts – I think I have a photo somewhere of two vultures chowing down on some road kill. Kinda gross after the fact, but made for an interesting shot. Nice closeup!

    1. HAHA. Thank you Kristi. You should post the shot. Gross can sometimes make for amazing shots.

  3. Scott, great shots. I’m trying to figure out if these are Turkey Vultures (possibly immature) or Black Vultures… The Turkey Vultures usually have red heads. Their eating habits aside, Vultures are great flyers – especially Black Vultures – they soar flat winged like Bald Eagles and can gain tremendous altitude if the wind and thermals are favorable. (I’m a nature nerd :) – Also another Vulture fact – the Turkey Vulture has the 2nd best sense of smell for any living creature ever to exist on the planet… The first: T Rex.

    1. Thanks Steve. Thanks for sharing the info about turkey vultures as well!

  4. I’ll second what Jason said — creepy! I didn’t know they tip-toed to sneak up in their prey!

    Whenever I think of vultures the image of that giant vulture in Clash of the Titans (the old version)… I loved that movie as a kid, but man, that vuture always creeped me out — and the image has stuck in my head in all the years since.

    1. I’ll have to check out the movie to see what you mean. I most likely watched it already but I don’t remember.

  5. They also urinate down their legs to kill the bacteria that could accumulate from standing in dead animal carcasses.

    1. That I didn’t know. Gross and interesting fact at the same time.

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