Thanks to Google Voice, hear the Longwood scam
Canon S90, ISO 640, f/2, 1/25, Topaz Labs Adjust, OnOne PhotoTools

On April 17th I wrote the post Sellers beware of Longwood Industries and now, thanks to Google Voice, I am able to bring you the scam in full audio!

Sellers Beware!

Google Voice Automated Transcript

“hi my name is jacob reed and i’m calling because i see you’re selling your vehicle i work for longwood incorporated and the number here is (866) 326-0950 the reason i’m calling is because we’re a five oh one C three company and we match buyers and sellers of cars together and i think we have some people who were interested in your vehicle so gimme a call again my number is (866) 326-0950 and my name is jacob have a great day”

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