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Scott took my family photos for the holidays and I wish I could put every single one on the card! The pictures were taken in his home studio and they are perfect! He was so patient and kind with my daughter. We will most definitely use his talents again and again..and again 🙂 Thank you so much, Scott!
Scott is an extremely talented photographer! We chose Scott to capture our family photos after our son was born and we decided to go back to where we were married. He got there early to scope out great spots and was so friendly and kind through it all! We felt like we knew him for a long time! The pictures came out better than we ever imagined! He is now our family photographer! You’re stuck with us now Scott!
Scott is an amazing photographer. He flew to New Orleans to photograph our wedding: dealt with the elements, unpredictable lighting, and being a solo photographer for the entire event. As a result, we have gorgeous photos that capture the relaxed and festive evening we were hoping to create. My husband was against “posed” wedding photos, but Scott was able to capture special moments between us that look natural. I can’t say enough good things.
Scott has done numerous shoots for our family including maternity, countless family photo sessions, and cake smashes for our two children! His focus, talent, & dedication are one of a kind. We are always SO blown away with the moments he has been able to capture for us! Not to mention how quickly he gets our photos to us! Scott is a father himself, so he is fantastic and patient with children, which is key to finding the perfect photographer when you have young children! I would recommend Scott Wyden Kivowitz to all my friends!
Scott is an amazing photographer. He has done so many of our family photos. You will be thrilled with the results.
This dude is awesome! You must check him out!
Scott is a wonderful photographer very professional and dedicated to his work. I was impressed by his ability to successfully handle young children and pets too! Would definitely hire him again and again!
..very personable and an expert in photography. I fully intend on hiring him again and again in future. I recommend him wholeheartedly
Scott, our photo shoot was awesome! It was really a lot of fun and the pics came out great. Thanks again
You are the Shihan of photography
Shihan Sheinwald
When Scott heard that for one reason or another I’ve missed every photowalk I’ve ever wanted to attend his response was “Let’s plan one together. That way you CAN’T miss it.” Scott’s that kind of guy…we’ve never met face to face, but he gives back more to the photography community than any photographer I’ve ever met!
We were so pleased with the results of our sessions every time! Scott takes the time to take creative photos and capture the special moments for us. He has an easy going personality which makes sessions fun! Would recommend him fully!!
Scott is a very talented photographer. He is a true professional! He takes pride in every picture he takes and makes sure that he captures the perfect moment.
Scott’s work often allows you insight into the event or object that you would otherwise not see. Scott is a pleasure to work with as he is patient, punctual and is a great communicator, verbally as well as visually. I would highly recommend Scott for your photographic needs.
Scott is personable, talented and a true professional. I would recommend him to anyone without reservation!
Keep on doing the good work! Your words are inspiring!
Jayant Neogy
Scott just Rocks!! Once we met I found him to be specific to detail and a perfectionists within the Arts. His innate talent and attention to his own performance underlines his true quality.
Joey Quintero
I’m really proud of the results in my pictures that are due to what I learned from people like you. I just want to share this great news with you and I want to thank all your contribution to my growth in this area, directly and indirectly. Thank you very much
Scott’s photography uses techniques that few others can execute. Colors pop and he captures the essence of the subject matter whether he’s shooting a family or business executive.
We live in a world of “constant noise” that can be difficult to navigate. As a photographer looking to better my craft, it is great to come across a resource such as Scott Wyden Imagery. Scott cuts through the noise with content that is helpful, timely and inspiring. From blogs that offer great tips and suggestions, to incredible images that drive you to raise yourself to the next level.
Tim Rice
I recommend Scott not only for his photographic eye but for his presence in the photographic industry as well as a strong role in social media
I googled for Facebook photo compression and found the piece you wrote about it (with the test) in 2010. Awesome. I thought I was seeing things but yours was one of the better articles written about it with proof to back it up.
Vivienne Gucwa
His photographic work is excellent. He has an eye to look beyond what you see and capture the essence of the moment.
Scott is a sick photographer!
Ricardo Saporta
Scott is a true professional with vision, creativity and a calm demeanor. He makes the time relaxing while in front of the camera and produces a quality product.
Scott is a talented and a professional photographer. His artistic eyes and attention to details differentiate him from the other photographer. I highly recommend him to anyone without reservation!!!
saved my life this week, in an online presence sorta way. TY, Scott!
Gotta tell ya @scottwyden is one heckuva guy to follow. A real pleasure to connect with him again today when he helped me solve a problem.
Always good to bounce ideas off of smart people in the same space. Photographers on the web, you should know @scottwyden
@scottwyden, got your book, very instructive and I like it. Nice complement to your great workshop.
Looking for quality headshots? Check out @Scottwyden.
Finally read my friend’s @scottwyden new ebook “Go Wider with Panoramic Photography”. Great Tips & tricks!
I just wanted to share that I watched several of your educational videos and I really enjoy them. Your character and how you present yourself in the videos holds my attention. Some of the videos I’ve seen of others are slow, boring and drawn out. You however keep it interesting withy ur little quirks here and there. So thanks!
Cindy O’Brien

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