You don’t have to be extroverted to do street photography!


I would say for the most part, people pursuing street photography are extroverts.  That means that they are wired for the outgoing interaction that is typically associated with street photography.

But what many people don’t realize is that some of the best and most famous street photographers were introverts.

I consider myself a borderline introvert and extrovert, which is then categorized as an ambivert.  Since I show signs of both forms I feel extremely comfortable in certain situations and the complete opposite in others.

My love for street photography doesn’t get pushed aside due to my introversion.  In fact, I utilize my own skills and knowledge of myself to improve on my street photography, and enjoy it.

While I was writing Go Wider with Panoramic Photography I was inspired by TED talks and personal experiences I had about being an introvert.

You see, I love street photography but I could never understand how photographers could randomly walk up to strangers and photograph them.  So I taught myself a different approach, as an introvert.  But I’m not just an introvert.  I am with certain things, but not others.  So I call myself an ambivert.

Somehow this was the easiest book for me to write.  It could be that it’s because talking about being an introvert and ambivert is more natural.  But it could be that I just enjoyed it the most.  Who knows!

So I sat down and wrote about being an ambiverted photographer and eventually finished with my new ebook, Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography.

The typical street photographer is an extrovert and doesn’t mind getting up-close and personal with random people on the street. But what about the introverted photographers that want to try street photography? In the Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography you will learn how to enjoy street photography and handle the uncomfortable interaction that is sometimes involved with street photography, whether you are an introvert, extrovert or borderline extrovert, or an ambivert.​

In the Ambivert’s Guide to Street Photography you will learn how someone who is introverted or borderline extroverted (or an ambivert) can enjoy street photography without the uncomfortable interaction normally faced with street photography.

You will read about how I came to realization I was am ambivert, what type of equipment you could use for street photography, and techniques that I use when walking around.

eBook Chapters

46 Pages to make you discover what you’re capable of.

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Ambivert and Proud
  • Chapter 2: Extroverted Photographers​
  • Chapter 3: Introverted Photographers
  • Chapter 4: Ambiverted Photographers​

  • Chapter 5: Street Photography Gear
  • Chapter 5: Ambiverted Shooting Styles
  • Chapter 6: Model & Property Releases
  • Chapter 7: It Doesn’t End Here
  • Chapter 8: It About The Author

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