Stand Proud 36/52
Statue of Liberty, Stand Proud

This week I have not had the chance to go out shooting something new. With today being the 10th anniversary of 9/11 (the attacks in America) and the lack of a new photograph, I decided to share some thoughts and my Stand Proud photo from a while back.

Statue of Liberty, Stand Proud

I am tired of the 9/11 specials on TV and radio. I do not need them to remember what happened, or how many people were lost. All I have to do is look outside. All I have to do is drive the New Jersey Turnpike to see the missing pieces of the New York City skyline. I know that so many of the people watching and listening to the specials are around the country and world, but still. Enough is enough. I remember. Seriously, how can I forget?

I will always remember,


You may not agree with these words, but they are my thoughts. If you disagree, I am sorry.

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  1. Makes sense – kinda sorta. I just posted a 9/11 shot on my website so clearly I am not fully sold with that you have to say. But yes, part of me says that you are right.

    Btw – great idea to post in the shadows of Statue of Liberty. The one I just posted on my website is more on the conventional side. Check it out.

    1. I love that people are writing about their feelings of 9/11. I love that people are sharing their stories and photos. I am not fond of the specials where they play the 911 calls, read the names, play the videos of impacts, etc. The tv and radio specials just make me angry. They don’t help me remember or move on. They just bring anger. With that said, why would I want to watch or listen to something that makes me angry?

      Digging your shot as well. Love that she is watching over the city.

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