Sometimes saving money can save you money

I know that sounds funny but this is what I mean. From being in the repair side of the photography industry I see a lot of aftermarket products damage cameras. Being so I try to avoid many aftermarket products. But when it comes to getting the job done a backup plan is always good. When it comes to getting “the shot” a backup plan can save you.

If you visit any Promaster store you can pick up a XtraPower Traveler + Charger and Travel Kit. For roughly $60 or so you will have an extremely portable charger for your camera batteries. It will charge one battery at a time but is very versatile.. The kit comes with a nice case, car adapter and international plug adapters so you’re never left without a charge.

The charger is available for most digital SLR’s and also most point & shoot cameras.  I have one for my D700 that I leave in the trunk of my car.  It has come in handy!

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The PROMASTER XtraPower Traveler + is the latest introduction from PROMASTER in a versatile, compact, go anywhere charger for your Li-ION digital camera battery. The PROMASTER XtraPower Traveler + features a built in switching power supply that can be powered from either 110v – 240v AC or 12V DC (optional DC power cord required) for true worldwide compatibility. Combined with the USB power output port and its compact size, it makes a PERFECT solution for those on the go or to use at home.

The XtraPower Traveler charger is available in models to fit most Li-ION digital camera batteries.

Travel Kit includes:
• Case
• DC Car Cord
• European Plug Adapter

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