Who knew one PSD file could do so much and save you so much time?

This one template can create images for your website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Plus.

The PSD includes an easy to and organized series of layers to edit, smart objects for easy image replacement, and multiple design options.

Use this one template in conjunction with the supplied Photoshop Actions to automate the cropping and creation of images for social media.

Simple Photoshop Template

The simple and well organized Photoshop template will help you create multiple images with ease. Templates are included for the following social networks:

Photoshop Actions

Included with the course is a set of Photoshop Actions to aid in the process of cropping and saving the images you need.

Video Instructions

Watch instructions with easy to follow video content. Play and pause the video to speeds that suit your needs.

Multiple Designs

Choose from four built in designs for your images. Saved images for each social network matches for consistency.

Easy to Change

Quickly adjust colors, opacity and replace default images easily. The entire PSD uses well organized layers, smart objects and shapes.

Color Coded

Distinguish between what should and should not be edited. Social networks are also color coded according to their brand HEX colors.


Save yourself hours of time creating images for your social sharing, Open Graph and website.

All of this and it’s a one-time fee!

The default design of the template

Included Photoshop Actions for automation.
An alternative design for the template.

There’s more!

I am all for not holding back, and leaving out the fluff. I also believe in adding as much value as possible. So as a bonus every purchase will come with other products.

Lightroom Presets

Use the Lightroom export presets to save your photographs to your website at optimal sizes depending on a variety of factors. JPEGMini optimized presets are included.

Image Optimization

Learn the ins and outs of image optimization for the web with the bonus 28 minute mini-course. This also includes use of JPEGMini for enhanced optimization in workflows.


Learn the ins and outs of best practices for exporting for web. This bonus 16 minute mini-course covers Photoshop and Lightroom exporting.

Open Graph

Learn how to easily specify specific images to be shared on Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus or Pinterest, using best in class WordPress plugins.

Lightroom Workflow Course Testimonial

“I’m really proud of the results in my pictures that are due to what I learned from people like you. I just want to share this great news with you and I want to thank all your contribution to my growth in this area, directly and indirectly.”

Oscar Navarro
Lightroom Workflow Course Testimonial

“We live in a world of “constant noise” that can be difficult to navigate. As a photographer looking to better my craft, it is great to come across a resource such as Scott Wyden Imagery. Scott cuts through the noise with content that is helpful, timely and inspiring.”

Tim Rice
A man holding a phone in front of a fence

“Over the years I have purchased different courses from different photographers and have been left with a feeling of them over promising without delivering. You are the exception! You are direct and deliver.”

Dennis Newsham
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