Small Strobes BIG Results
Nikon D700, 5 Exposures, ISO 100

I just registered for Small Strobes BIG Results in Philadelphia, PA – Friday March 20, 2009

This is a workshop by David Tejada who is an amazing Nikon photographer who utilizes his Strobes to the best of their abilities.  Like David Hobby, David Tejada gives a lot of tips, DIY ideas, and techniques on his blog.

With the workshop so far away I will have more time to continue practicing my lighting, and learn on my own.  Although I am extremely excited for this workshop.  I know that I will learn so much and just from my short phone conversation with David Tejada, he is such a nice person that I will enjoy hearing what he has to say.

Oh, forgot to mention the best part.  The workshop is at Eastern State Penitentiary

It doesn’t get any better then that!


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