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If you are like me then you enjoy traveling and usually need some advice where to shoot when in new place.


Shoot Local With ShootLocal

How about when you’re looking for a location to bring a client for family portraits?  Where do you look?  Do you wonder around in scouting mode?

Now there is a fantastic app for iPhone users.  ShootLocal has a really fun interface, geotagged locations and more.

I urge all photographers with iPhones to head over to the app store and download ShootLocal.  Find and share your locations.  Did I mention it’s free?

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. This apps might be more useful if I lived in New York City or some other large city. The only recommendations I got were for New York and Philadelphia, neither of which I consider local. Still, it’s nice to have for when I do visit those cities. I’ll be in Manhattan at a security conference this summer.

    1. That’s because it’s so new. Not many people are using the app yet. Once the community grows, there should be locations all over.

    2. Khurt, we have locations showing up all over the globe now — in 12 countries. Plus, you could take the lead in your own city and start the scouting/sharing frenzy there.

  2. Would love an Android version. I guess I can download it on the iPad and check it out.

  3. Need an Android version, then I’m in!

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