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Although Instagram is not available for the iPad (officially), the app does work on it. It opens in iPhone mode and then you have the option to enlarge it by 2x. That is how I use Instagram at the moment. Eventually I will have an iPhone and the ability to snap and share on the go instead of snapping and waiting until I have a wi-fi connection.

The one thing I do not like about Instagram is the lack of “profile” viewable on the web. The website itself does not have a way to simply pull up a profile. Heck, you can’t even browse. Now I know there are websites that use the Instagram API to fix this issue, but it’s not on Instagram’s website.

Anyway, for this week’s Project 52 I wanted to share a few of my Instagram photographs because I haven’t been able to go out shooting this week. Sharing with Instagram is fun for everyone. I highly recommend it. Shoot, share and be inspired.

reflect - Scott Wyden Imagery

sides - Scott Wyden Imagery

wires - Scott Wyden Imagery

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. It’s a cute toy to fill time while on the road but it will never replace my desktop image editor.

    1. It couldn’t ever replace a desktop image editor. It is too limiting. But on the go, it’s quite fun and powerful.

  2. Remember that Instagram isn’t out to replace a desktop editor. It’s bigger than photo-editing.

    The lack of a website for Instagram is only temporary and there are big decisions to be made about how it comes about and is developed.

    I’m now interested in what Apple may have up it’s sleeve. I talk about Instagram and Mobile photography all the time now on my blog, you should check it out.


    1. I can see Apple integrating some of the Instagram features however, I don’t think they would build a photo social network like Instagram.

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