Shadow in Day(Light)


I really like this photo because of the harsh light and cool shadows of the fire escape. What makes it even cooler is that this was shot around noon and the sun was bright darn bright.

How do you this? Expose for the overall scene and see what the meter says. Drop the ISO to 200 (or lower if desired), adjust your shutter speed 1/8,000 or so. Take a shot and look at the light. Too dark? Slow the shutter down. Too light? Close the aperture. Rinse and repeat.

You might also choose to throw on bracketing. That way you have more to work with.

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  1. Neat. The shadows really accent the POV. Nice shot.

  2. Scott, would you get better results bracketing ISO (say 100, 200, 400) if your camera doesn’t go quite as fast (my D5100 maxes as 1/4000), or is it a trivial difference?

    1. You could bracket with ISO as well. The main difference is the grain/noise but most DSLRs have pretty good ISO now.

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