Selective Color in Portraits and Landscapes
Selective Color in Photoshop

You might have seen this photograph on my website before. It was a very difficult scene to photograph because of all the debris inside. When I finished creating the HDR image I was unsure if I wanted to keep it color or convert to Black & White. I enjoy seeing selective color photographs every so often but I find that it can get overdone at times. After converting the photo to Black & White I decided to go with selective color instead.

Looking at the two versions below. Which do you prefer? Please comment with your thoughts on selective color for these two images and selective color in general. Do you enjoy it? I’d love to hear your opinions.

Selective Color in Photoshop
Selective Color in Photoshop
Black & White in Photoshop
Black & White in Photoshop

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  1. I like the selective color one better – the little bit of color adds to the photo. And IMO, I don't view it necessarily as selective coloring as you have a variety of tones in the photo – and not just one which many associate with selective coloring (if that makes sense).

    1. I agree that the selective color is better. It could be called a numerous amount of things but in the end, it's only showing a selective bit of color which is why I called it that. Either way, thank you for sharing your opinion!

  2. :-) Nice Photo Scott ~ I think you've created a starkness with the B&W that could work in some situations ….. but I much prefer the selective color version because the tones are very harmonious and slightly warming, making you feel that you could walk right into the barn – as opposed to the cool starkness of the B&W, which feels like you really should be running away as quickly as possible – It's all about mood for me
    QLD, Australia

  3. I prefer the selective color for this photo. The tones are more pleasing and the B&W looks a little flat while you have depth with the selective color

  4. This is a hard one for me as I enjoy both HDR and B&W. I will say the selective color does give a bit more for the eye and mind to enjoy, while the B&W is a bit bland. The B&W might be a bit more interesting had it not had all that whit siding taking up a majority of the pic.

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