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seo-site-clinicThe DIYThemes crew held a webinar last week that lasted just over two hours long. During the webinar they talk about SEO and how optimized their Thesis theme is. Yes, it is pretty darn good. I no longer use Thesis, but I still believe it is one of the best coded WordPress themes out there.

Thesis empowers you with the ability to improve your SEO.

In the webinar, they held a long Q&A session to try and answer every question that came up. Kudos! If you view the recorded webinar at roughly one hour and thirty minutes you will see the mention of my article on how to write a DMCA letter. It was mentioned during the portion of the webinar where they were discussing web scrapers.

So please, check out the webinar and learn about SEO and how it affects your website.

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  1. Funny, I used to use Thesis as well and also switched to Canvas because of Chris’s attitude. It’s a fantastic theme, but….

    1. but he still knows his stuff. Well worth watching the webinar.

      1. Yes, that :) Thank you for preventing me from putting my foot in my mouth.

        1. Anytime :)

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