Scosche Charging Adapter

I installed an iPod adapter in my car when I first got my car.  It connects to the radio and allows me to control the iPod from my radio controls.  Easy right?  When Apple released the new iPods and I purchased my new Nano I, like many others, found out that they switched the charging style again.  My iPod conection in my car was firewire based and the new iPods are USB.  When the Scosche Charging Adapter was announced I was very excited and pre-ordered mine from Amazon.   It arrived a couple weeks ago and I have been using it since.  Below are the details on the product.  But all you really need to know is that it works and it is pretty darn simple.  Plug it in and go!

Technical Details

  • Charging adapter for the iPod nano (Gen 4), iPod touch (Gen 2) and iPhone 3G
  • Allows car integration accessories that do not support charging to work with the iPhone 3G and recently released iPod models
  • Pass through port allows for easy plug-and-play installation

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