Let’s save the world together

I want to save the world.

It’s true.

So much of what I do in this world is to help improve it.

Every tiny contribution can make a huge impact long term. Whether it’s teaching someone something new about photography, raising a child or giving someone praise.

I am happy to share I am once again partnering with the people at 5DayDeal to save the world.

That’s right!

Time Remaining


If you haven’t heard of 5DayDeal yet, it’s a bundle of photography products for almost 100% off. (seriously) It is only available for 5 days. After that time, the products are only available on their own and at full price again.

The bundle for sale this time contains products never before included in a 5DayDeal sale. So if you have purchased a bundle previously, then this is new to you.

10% of every purchase goes to incredible charities who are saving the world. They’re helping people and communities. And better yet, there is now a charity match bonus. Meaning, if you donate an extra 10% to charities then you get a bunch more products, including one of mine!

Yup, my Camera to Completion: Lightroom Workflow Course is included in the charity match.

So here is my offer to you, as a way to say thank you for helping me save the world.

If you purchase using my link (click here) then I will get a list of purchasers emails.  Once the 5 days are over I will send an email to everyone who purchased with my link with an additional coupon for another course!

That means you would get all the products in the 5DayDeal bundle at nearly 100% off. You’ll get my Lightroom course, along with additional products from other photographers if you add the Charity Match component to your purchase. By using my link you will also receive my Camera to Completion: Process course which is an ongoing course showing my processes from start to finish for a variety of photo gigs and photographs.

Thank you for helping me save the world!

Save the world


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