Sad Day At School

Chesterbrook Academy of Manalapan was a private school with just about 100 students.

Now, it’s an overgrown mess selling for 11 million dollars (according to my real estate agent neighbor)

I visited the property to see what it was like before going back for another (and longer) shooting trip.

I walked the mile from my house to the school and spent about 30 minutes walking around the property.  Someone does go to the property to take care of a green house in the back, and there is an abandoned car on the side of the building.  The no trespassing sign on one of the doors means no going inside.

The sun was hot and my water was almost empty, so I made it quick.  I shot about 50 frames and then began my journey back home.

It must have been a sad day when the school shut down, because someone drew this on a window.

I have more to share from my first trip there and can’t wait to spend more time when the sun isn’t so hot on my back.

Gear: +Leica Camera M9, 50mm f/2 Summicron-M @ f/4 1/500 ISO 160
Processing: Lightroom w/ +Visual Supply Company

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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