Rule of engagement 324/365
Canon S90, Macro, ISO 80, f/2, 1/60
Canon S90, Macro, ISO 80, f/2, 1/60
Canon S90, Macro, ISO 80, f/2, 1/60

When someone gives you a bag full of old cameras, do not turn them away.  Accept the package and look through it later to see what belongs in your collection and what does not.  End of story

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    1. its all staying. just going to the storage unit until i have more space

  1. Looks like a Canon AE1 – but the EOS strap is throwing me off. How far off am I?

    1. There are 3 cameras in there. It’s an old Nikon bag with a N70, Canon AE-1 and another camera which I forgot what it is. It’s now in storage until I move and have more room to display my collection

      1. All fun cameras to play with. I would suggest taking the AE-1 and getting it service to bring it up to snuff and then start using the thing. It’s a very basic camera – not even auto-advanced – but creates some exceptional quality shots (with the right film, of course). I have one…but I prefer my Nikon N2000 if only because it’s the camera I learned on (the very same…never sold it).

        Every good photographer should have a half dozen out-dated bodies lying around.

        1. I wouldn’t use. I prefer it to be on display with the rest of my collection. I have a bunch of functional film cameras I could use if I desired but prefer not using film. If there was a problem with the AE-1, there are no parts available for them anyway :/

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