Retail Video Marketing To Photographers

The Camera Store in Calgary, Canada has recorded and published the greatest video to market their camera retail store to photographers. It doesn’t get better than this. At the time I am writing this, the video has over 46,000 views. I can’t wait to see where it is in one week.

Quick History

The Camera Store started out selling Hasselblad and Leica only, as a high-end camera store. Since opening 13 years ago, they’ve obviously expanded their range of equipment.

The Video You’ve Been Waiting For

The Battle Continues

“We don’t offer a lot of hype or fanfare, just great products, great service, great prices … great photography!”

In Closing

So now that you’ve seen the video, laughed and maybe even cried a bit. Check out The Camera Store website, visit their store (if you’re in the area) and give them a call telling them how awesome their commercial is. The store phone number is 888-539-9397.

Share Yours

I’d like to point out that I make no commission of you clicking my link or calling them (do tell them how you found them though). I just enjoy good, creative ideas.

Lastly, if you’ve created a video for your retail store that is as creative as this one, please comment with a link to it so my readers and I can check it out

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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  1. Scott – That video is just awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This was a very funny start to my day – awesome find! :)

    1. Thanks Kristi. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  3. Now that is great advertising! Loved the flash bang!

  4. You know Scott, my Dad is an avid hunter. I’ve often compared photography and hunter with him. I think he’d get a kick out of this video. Thx!

    1. I hope he enjoys it as much as us :-)

  5. AWESOME, I am a Vet and a Photog. This was AWESOME. I loved it. so real in a strange WWII way…lol.

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