7.5 billion reasons to help

7.5 billion.

That’s how many people are living in this world.

Over the next 4 days, you have an opportunity to make an amazing impact on the world, and all who live in it. Or at least a big portion of them.

You see, 5DayDeal is here, but ends soon.


The goal of 5DayDeal is to raise thousands of dollars for a variety of charities.

Here is how it works. There is a bundle of photography products, like presets, courses, books and more. The bundle is almost 100% off.  It’s over $2500 worth of products for just over $100.

And 10% of the sale goes to charity! You can help here.

I recorded a quick 40-second video to say thank you to all who are helping me save the world. Have a look.

Save the world


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