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About a year ago I heard about a product that really blew me away.  Think Tank Photo bags are absolutely amazing.  Sort of like FUBU (but so much better and so much cooler), they are made BY professionals FOR professionals.  With a lifetime no rhetoric warranty how can you go wrong?  Since I started using their bags I have been putting them through much testing and they don’t get beat up too easily!  I’ve had questions, a small problem and they take care of it quick!

November 15, 2008 I wrote Think Tank Photo’s Amazing Customer Service

And for over a year now the Urban Disguise 30 is my Daily Camera Bag

Yesterday, I proudly became an affiliate with Think Tank Photo.  I won’t lie to you.  By entering the code I do make a small commission, however YOU get a free gift!  So why not right?

If you are considering a Think Tank purchase please click my affiliate link and enter my code.    By doing so you will receive a free camera bag.  As I type this the promotion is for a free Lens Changer 50 bag. This bag is like the one that comes with most large pro lenses but it’s better!

So please, do yourself a favor and give some love to a person who has a pride and trust in a camera bag manufacturer.

enter code AP-298

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