Wedding Photographer Conversion Kit

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Improve website visitor to lead conversion rate by attracting the right visitors and converting them to leads with the Wedding Photographer Conversion Kit. The kit contains PSD templates for generating a digital magazine or eBook PDF, a landing page template optimized for search engines and instructions on how to implement it all on your website. Convert curious engaged couples to your next bride and groom.

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Over the years email marketing has proven to be far more effective of converting people to become customers, over social media. In fact, with 95% of all online consumers using email, there are far more than 3 billion email accounts. In addition, 91% of consumers check their email once a day.

As photographers, there is no reason avoid taking advantage of statistics like that. Imagine if your website had a dedicated page to attract visits with the intentions of looking for a wedding photographer. The bride and groom who visit that page could be faced with an opportunity to download a document that could help them plan their wedding.

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