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This plugin has no options for a very good reason. It’s designed to do some very simple tasks, that many photographers have asked me about. So I put them together in a “super simple plugin” called Super Simple Changes. This plugin will:

  • Add image sizes for full width at a ratio and also cropped.
  • Set JPG compression to 100% so WordPress doesn’t compress already compressed uploads.
  • Stop self pings when a new blog post is published linking internally to another post.
  • Add an EXIF column to your Media Library when in table view.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did you code this yourself?

Yes and no. I used a plugin boilerplate generator to create the core files. I then used snippets of functions sources from public blogs, each of which are credited within the plugin’s code. So I didn’t write the code itself, but I did assemble it in one “super simple plugin”.

Will you be adding more to the plugin?

Over time yes. I will only add frequent requests to this.

What do those abbreviations mean in the EXIF column?

  • CR: Credit
  • CAM: Camera
  • FL: Focal Length
  • AP: Aperture
  • ISO: ISO :-)
  • SS: Shutter Speed
  • TS: Time Stamp
  • C: Copyright

I’m not entirely sure why you need the full size image options either? Is this so you can set large size for sidebars and then still have full size for pages without sidebars? How does the plugin know what width is required for “full” size? And why do you need the cropped / uncropped options?

It determines the full size based on the content area your theme provides. So instead of picking only small, media, large or full size, you can have it automatically scale it to the size that fits your content area. From what I understand the function only works if you offer cropped and uncropped are both there.


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