Camera to Completion: Process

We all make photographs for a reason. And we all have our reasons for every edit made for individual photographs. This course covers all of that, and more.

Real World Photography Course

I created the Camera to Completion: Process online course which goes beyond the camera. In fact, it’s technical, it’s creative, it’s way more.

Post-processing doesn’t have to be scary.

Editing photographs does not have to take a long time.

It doesn’t have to be a pain.

It can be easy and fun.

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See the stories behind a series of photographs. Learn why I did what I did, what situations I was it. What roadblocks I had to get past.


View everything I do in Lightroom, ON1 or other software, to make a photograph look the way it does. See how I stay true to my purist self, but still branch out with new techniques.

The Field

Join me in the field as I make photographs around the world. See what equipment I use, how I'm framing the scene, filters I'm using and why I'm doing it all.


Download presets for every photograph made in the editing series within the course. Presets will be available for Lightroom, ON1 or other software which allow saving presets.

It Keeps Going

Process is an ongoing endeavor, which means I will be adding new content often. How cool is that?

One Fee

Process is not a membership. It's structured like a course, so there is a one-time fee for unlimited access to current and future content.

No Fluff Guarantee

I am all for not holding back, and leaving out the fluff.

The course contains hours of video lessons and stories!

Editing Videos
Story Videos
Field Videos

What They're Saying

Lightroom Workflow Course Testimonial

We live in a world of “constant noise” that can be difficult to navigate. As a photographer looking to better my craft, it is great to come across a resource such as Scott Wyden Imagery. Scott cuts through the noise with content that is helpful, timely and inspiring.

Tim Rice

Lightroom Workflow Course Testimonial

I’m really proud of the results in my pictures that are due to what I learned from people like you. I just want to share this great news with you and I want to thank all your contribution to my growth in this area, directly and indirectly.

Oscar Navarro

What This Course Is Not

This course is not preaching the use of specific methods. You are presented with the tools and features I use, with reasoning. The idea is to offer you alternatives and inspiration so you can find what works best for your own photography work.


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