Photography Processing Presets

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Over 250 high quality, hand crafted presets for Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom Mobile, Adobe Camera RAW (Photoshop & Bridge), Lookup Tables (LUT) and more. Take your photo editing to new levels. 

Speed up your Lightroom editing times almost instantaneously with this low cost set of Lightroom presets 

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Photography Processing Preset Bundle

Lightroom PresetsIf you spend too much time editing photographs, and want to get the fun stuff faster, then this is the preset bundle for you!

The photography preset bundle includes well over 250 presets you can use to edit your photographs from start to finish. You can edit colors, tones, tone, sharpness, filters, and much more just by working through each set. It’s the perfect way to quickly create a stunning photograph and control the entire look of your photographs, or to make a few changes to any of your existing presets.

While these presets are designed to change the look of a photograph, they should always be adjusted on a per photo basis. Presets are designed to be a starting point, or inspiration to processing. Very rarely should a preset be used as-is.

The presets are designed to work in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Adobe Lightroom Mobile (through preview images), Adobe Camera RAW (through Photoshop or Bridge) and even as Lookup Tables (.cube files) which can be used in many video and photo editing software.

What’s in the preset bundle?


The Delightful Lightroom Presets are filled with flavorful processing styles. (pun intended) The set of 65 presets include simple and elegant monochrome processing styles, color processing styles and a hint of nostalgia inspired by Instagram. In addition, Delightful comes includes split toned processing using fruit and vegetable names for easy identification.


This preset pack for Adobe Lightroom is inspired by the historic mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts. While photographing there, I felt a lot of emotions like fright, anger, loneliness, and excitement. What a better way to share these emotions than through creating presets that help other photographers feel the same things in their photographs. There are 20 presets in this pack.

Bag of Glass

This preset pack (of 66 unique presets) for Adobe Lightroom is designed to mimic the effect of neutral density filters, in addition to a few others. While a neutral density filter can be used to blur movement during the photographic process, these presets will create the darkened graduated effects during post processing.

Developer Bath Fixer

The purpose of this preset pack of 24 is for workflow. Simple tweaks that make a big difference in photographs and ones that you can do on a regular basis. There is a quick reset preset to go back to defaults, a quick lens correction OFF preset because sometimes it's faster to process with the feature turned off. The Develop presets are a combination of the other presets.


Kickstart your monochromatic photography processing with the Monochromes preset pack of 14 presets. This pack contains a variety of presets designed to inspire your single toned creative mind. Included are multiple styling, tinting and filter presets.


A trip to the Palouse, Washington region had inspired me to create this new preset pack. Within the pack of 19 presets, you will have the ability to quickly be inspired by enhancements to sunsets, green tones (rolling hills), a bit of street life and so much more. On the trip, I had the pleasure of meeting new and amazing people and to see things I have never seen before. I hope you find that kind of inspiration in this pack.

The Streets

This preset pack of 20 unique presets is designed to inspire your street photography. The presets were created based on processing choices I made on my own street photographs. Some of the presets are monochrome and others are color. But all enhance textures, sky, clouds and the fine details you'll find on the street.

Flare Up

This preset pack for contains 22 presets and is designed to add lens and sun flare style effects to your photographs, as well as light leak effects. Nothing can really replicate a real lens or sun flare, but these presets will get you pretty close.  Each preset is fully customizable using Radial and Graduated Filters

Export for Website

Export from Lightroom the best way, for multiple situations. Export from 1080px to 2048px at the longest length. Export with or without the use of JPEGMini Pro for optimal JPG compression for a website.

Snapseed Drama Replicas

I was asked about how to replicate Snapseed Drama filters. So I put together a preset pack which replicated them as close as possible.

Bonus ON1 Presets!

As a thank you for picking up my preset bundle I'm throwing in a pack of ON1 presets designed to work in ON1 Perfect Photo & ON1 Photo RAW.


Look Up Tables

Each develop preset comes with a LUT version, which can be used in Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premier Pro, ON1 Photo RAW, Luminar, Photoshop and more!

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I rock with Scott’s Lightroom presets. I have been and love tricking out photos and adding something different working with these presets is taking it up another level… Can’t wait to see what is next…

Patrick Covington

I like them. I like that I can even position and adjust them to my images. The Leaky ones will be fun to experiment with for more of that arty feel.

Chris Nitz

I really like them, and like that they seem to appear *on top* of my other presets – this works well when I am trying to create a vintage film look.

Mike Andrews

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All presets in this bundle are unique and are not duplicates of any other presets.

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