Photography Processing Presets

Thank you for your interest in my photography processing presets. Below you will find presets available for Adobe Lightroom. It is worth noting, that while these presets are designed to change the look of a photograph, they should always be adjusted on a per photo basis. Presets are designed to be a starting point, or inspiration to processing. Very rarely should a preset be used as-is.

My Favorite Lightroom Presets

In addition to using my own presets, I often find myself starting with presets from the following companies.

Lightroom Film Presets
Mastin Labs has the most authentic and true film replications of all companies. You have choices of Kodak Portra Pack, Ilford B&W and Fuji Pro all available for Lightroom 4+, and Photoshop C6+. Mastin Labs has be shown to be the closest replica of films converted into presets.
Replichrome offers film and slide replications in a unique way. Replichrome is available with Fuji Kodak and Agfa replications. Their uniqueness comes from their display style of film/slides scanned on a Fuji scanner or a Noritsu scanner.
Justin & Armando’s Lightroom presets that can help take a photograph to the next level. You can not go wrong exploring your photo frontier with The Photo Frontier.