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For a while now I’ve been subscribing to my friend Aaron’s new email list, Learn Photography Tips. He created the series of incredibly useful tips that every photographer from novice to professional should be subscribing to.


Learn Photography Tips offers photography information and lessons with a slightly different approach than most other photography sites. You’ll have the option to seek out information on demand, but we’ll also deliver that information to you automatically.

My reason for sharing that information is because I am about to give away one of his great tips… but without all of the details. To read the rest, you will have to subscribe.

After your photo shoot, you need to reset your camera (not completely back to default camera settings) to the point where you can use the camera for daily shooting.

Here are some of Aaron’s tips:

  • Turn the dial back to your preferred starting mode
  • Reset the ISO
  • Zero out the exposure compensation
  • Change white balance to Auto
  • Check/charge your battery
  • Deactivate bracketing
  • Set your metering

To read more from this email of tips and future tips, subscribe to Learn Photography Tips.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting.


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  1. Can’t tell you how true these tips are. Then again, all it takes is for you to miss one good shot, or have it look like you took it in a sandstorm and you will never forget again! Trust me :(

    1. I completely understand. We have all done it at least once.

  2. Thanks for writing about the photo tips Scott – hopefully your readers will find them of interest.

    1. Happy to share such great information. I hope you gain some subscribers from my sharing your tips. Thanks again for letting me post them!

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