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I wasn't sure if the tour guide was going to be mad – but I did it anyway.

During my tour of the Newport Winery in Rhode Island, I stayed behind for a short while. Just enough time to grab a few shots of this amazing view.

While standing in this spot, listening to the tour guide speak about the who, what, why and how of the winery, I couldn't help but notice the textures and colors. I visualized this exact photograph in black & white.

It's odd, but having a rangefinder makes me visualize better.

Having only a 25mm lens makes me think better.

Having a camera that isn't loaded with pointless frills just lifts my happiness of shooting.

Delicious wine, beautiful weather, friends, family and photography. The perfect trip.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,

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Places To Grow

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  1. I worked part-time in a vineyard for years a kid, got to see a view like this every day! Except there were New Zealand mountains in the background, trumped ;)

    Great shot mate.

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