I realized the other day that I never wrote about Photowalklist.com on my site.  I mentioned in an earlier post about how Photowalklist.com was hosting the Photowalkers on Twitter list but that was it.

Anyway, a few months ago I had an idea to host a website where people can submit their stories, photos  or various tips and information on Photowalks.  People would also be able to submit the Photowalks in their neighborhoods.  Since the launch the site has grown and I’m getting submissions every couple days as people announce and hear of new Photowalks.  With many users, email subscribers, twitter followers, facebook fans, flickr friends & more it shows how popular Photowalks are and how many people share the same interest.  Photowalking is about socializing and enjoying the love of Photography.  I am so happy to have brought a website like this to the world and hope that it will keep growing and the submissions keep coming in.

As I post new items I learn things to do and not to do on the blog.  Since I have only written on my own personal blog previously and Photowalklist.com is my first big venture out into the big blogging world I didn’t know about certain things.  Fortunately there are enough people in the world who do not the DO’S and DON’TS to guide me along the way.  Photowalklist.com is not a company and is ran pretty much by myself so all the help I can get is much appreciated!

Thank you Photowalkers & Designers who have helped Photowalklist.com so far.


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