Photowalk with me in Springfield, NJ

I’ve been planning a Photowalk in Springfield, NJ for a while now. Here are the details

September 26, 2009 10am – Noon

The Photowalk will start outside Mack Camera. We will walk up Mountain Avenue to Shunpike Road towards the YMCA to head back to Mack Camera via South Springfield Avenue. The walk will be about 2 hours long. When we arrive back at Mack Camera there will be pizza and drinks for everyone who walked. Those who would like can print up 10 photos from their Springfield Photowalk on one of the Mack Camera photo kiosks.

We are asking for $5 a person from those who would like pizza and drinks. The $5 must be paid to Mack Camera at least 5 business days before the Photowalk so the pizza can be scheduled.

Do to popular demand we are not having the Pizza and drinks. Just come to the photowalk and return to Mack at the end of the route for the free giveaways! Those who did send us $5 in PayPal, expect a refund shortly! Can’t wait for the photowalk!

Sponsors of the Photowalk include

  • Mack Camera
  • ThinkTank Photo
  • Tamrac
  • Adorama Pix

Some prizes include

  • Streetwalker Backpack from ThinkTank Photo
  • Netbook bag from Tamrac
  • 20×30 print and photobook from AdoramaPix
  • Free 4×6 prints from Mack Camera
  • Sales and Discounts All Day
  • Special Photowalk Packages
  • Photowalk Discount Code for Online Photo Processing and more!

Head over to the Mack Photowalk page for more info and details!

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