Photomatix Pro v3.2 now available

Summary of main updates

  • Multi-threading support for Tone Compressor and parts of Details Enhancer
  • Details Enhancer settings improvements: New mode offering finer control for Smoothing setting (i.e. the setting that controls “natural” vs “artificial” look) and improved effect of Highlights Smoothness (i.e. the setting that preserves “clean” skies)
  • Ability to tag saved images with keyword
  • Built-in presets for Details Enhancer
  • More robust alignment for “by matching features” method.
  • Batch processing advanced options: automatic detection of bracketed photos and ability to process a sub-set of each bracketed set.

Visit HDR Soft for more changes and updates, and to download it!

Download Photomatix Pro v3.2 for Mac OS X.

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