Photography Website Template Essentials List

Working for Photocrati, I have the pleasure of seeing what goes into decision making and development, feature and sales process of a photography website template.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the thought process that goes into every decision.  In this article, you will learn how a photography specific company chooses what features to include in their website template or WordPress theme for photographers.

The Photography Website Template List

The list is long, but not bulky.  I have done everything I can to condense it all into the shortest list I can.  So here goes…

The Customer

Understanding who the customer is and what they need to have complete photography website templates.  Ask questions and then ask more questions.


A variety of styles and galleries to choose from, so one customer’s site can be different from another.  It’s important, though, that no matter what – styling is easy for the customer.

photography website template


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Internet. Having a website template built-in WordPress will satisfy the needs of most customers.


Photographers want to sell their photographs, so why make them go elsewhere. Building e-commerce capability into a website should be simple.  Or maybe integration with popular third-party e-commerce systems.


The price of a photography website template should be reasonable. No one wants to spend $200 on a website template when they can get free ones elsewhere. Making price right out of the box, an elegant fee structure and support plan is ideal. Otherwise people will quote Adam Sandler, saying “The price is WRONG Bob!”


Search engine optimization is important and many photography website templates do not include the feature built-in. Fortunately, there is a very useful plugin for WordPress plugins for photographers that satisfy most customers. Also, the Photographers SEO Community is a great resource for learning SEO for Photographers.


Not everyone will be happy with their photography website template, so it is important for developers to offer a trial period or guarantee. For example, “Try it for 30 days. If you don’t love your theme, request a refund and we’ll issue it within 5 business days. No questions asked.”

Decision Making

After reviewing the list of essential components of a website template for photographers, a developer will then make a decision of how to approach and address the demands of possible customers. The developer will also use social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to see the chatter related to the template.


To sum it all up… A developer of WordPress photography themes will utilize a list of essential features.

  • Photographers
  • Design
  • Blog
  • Sales
  • Cost
  • Optimization
  • Promise
  • Goals

With the right people and the right frame of mind, developers can create a stunning template for photographers.

Share Yours

I am curious what your photography website template essentials are.  What do you need from your website that has to be include in the template you purchase?

Please comment below to share.

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