A New Year A New Photography Project

WE35It’s a new year and with it comes new possibilities, new adventures, and new projects.

This year I will be participating in WE35 for the second time. It’s a project, 15 minuteunlike so many others. There are already projects in the world like Project 365 and Project 52. And although WE35 is technically only 12 (one per month) it’s so creative that it unlocks new ideas.

WE35 is a curated project that goes beyond just a typical project. It’s a learning experience. It’s exploration into a specific lens, the 35mm. And as mentioned, it’s curated. You photograph what’s assigned to you, and report back your findings.

WE35 is more than just a project for yourself. It’s a global study as you’re in a community with other photographers from around the world, doing the same thing you’re doing. You can discuss your challenges, your failures, your successes and how it felt to do the research.

A new year a new photography projectThe Photo Frontier, who curates the project, has three goals for WE35.

  • As creatives, we will expand our own creative vision and help others with theirs.
  • As photographers, we will provide a democratized visual survey of this incredible world.
  • As a team, we will forge lifelong friendships and build a strong community around the world.The kind of community that you can count on when you visit and have a friend to photograph with or grab a coffee.

The first thing we had to photograph for WE35 is our mailboxes. Interestingly, the previous WE35 started the same way. I think that’s a good thing because we get to try a new way to photograph something so boring.

For mine, I placed my daughter’s dinosaur inside as if he was greeting us getting the mail. Layla enjoys coming with me to grab the mail out of the mailbox every day. And the dinosaur sits on the backside of it. So she says hello each time we get the mail.

So while this photograph isn’t the most exciting, it’s sentimental. It’s a great way for me to kick off the WE35 project.

I look forward to seeing what comes next!

To get the ball rolling, Justin and Armando from The Photo Frontier also created a podcast. It’s called Conversations From The Photo Frontier. It15-minute episodes talking about creativity and assignments for WE35.

Conversations From The Photo Frontier

They have a lot more planned for the podcast, and I’m excited to listen to each episode.

I hope that you will join me in trying a new project. Whether it’s WE35 or something else. Give yourself a creative boost. It’ll help your photography, and in the long term, your photography business.

Here is another take on the mailbox photo. Inspired by my friend Rick’s photo.

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