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Photography Blog SuccessMy friend Zach Prez has written and released a very informative eBook for photographers. The eBook, Photography Blog Success is 55 pages of useful ideas, tips and details on ways to improve your blog as a photographer.

“We understand blogging is one of the hardest tasks for photographers keep up with, or even know where to begin.”

The PDF eBook helps you determine an action plan for blogging with content that gets shared and helps clients call you today.

In the eBook you will learn

  • How to make your blog an integral part of a successful photography business
  • How to use your personality to attract ideal clients
  • Ideas for posts that lead to new business
  • Ways to bring in more traffic and turn visitors into leads
  • Suggestions from top bloggers in photography with examples and screenshots

Promotional Discount

Use the discount code bloglaunch between May 16 and May 31 to save $9 (31%) on the new ebook Photography Blog Success.

Grab the Bundle Get a Deal

Zach has also released Photography Web Marketing. Both eBook available as a bundle to help save you some money. I highly recommend picking them both up.

Photography - Grow Online - eBooks

“Your potential clients are searching for their photographer online. They’re looking for photographers in their area, and for photographers who have great personality and style.”

Many of the tips you will read about have been mentioned in my Photographer Website Tips blog article. However, Zach goes into more detail, shares logical reasoning, ethics and more optimization tips.

I will leave you with this. If you buy the eBook and like what Zach has shared, make sure you not only sign up for his newsletters but also sign up for mine. I have worked hard on an eBook of my own and Zach will be sharing a tip in a portion of the book. Imagery Newsletter subscribers will be the first to receive the fun details about my first eBook.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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