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Photographers for JapanWe, as human beings, should always be doing what we can to help the world or more specifically, help other people. Recently, Japan was hit by a major natural disasters. As photographers, there are two things that we can do. One of which is to document the events, by donating our time although many would prefer getting paid for it. The second is to donate money we make from print sales to help.  If I could afford to get to Japan (and if flights were going there) I would in a second. Lend my photography and hands to help when possible.  But I cannot.

With that said, order anything from my gallery and I will donate the profit to the Red Cross to help Japan. In order for me to track these orders, please us the coupon code photog4japan. Using that code will also save you $1 off the order. You can also donate directly to the Red Cross at any time.

You can make a difference by purchasing photography

Other photographers also donating:

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  1. Good on ya Scott! We here in Japan appreciate it. It’s badly needed. :)

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