Pedal Pond 39/52

Today I was supposed to be photowalking in Princeton, New Jersey for the Worldwide Photo Walk. However, the Princeton walk was moved to tomorrow. My wife and I already have plans for tomorrow so I had to drop off the walk. Instead, I went out shooting in Freehold, New Jersey.

One of the best places to photograph in Freehold is Lake Topanemus because of how quiet it is. It really lets you think. Recently someone (maybe the township?) brought pedal boats for people to use. I decided to take some shots of them since they were not in use.


Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


PS. Not much longer until 2012 and the end of my Project 52.

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  1. neat image.. although i’d prob of cropped the sky out….

    1. I would possibly crop a little of the sky out but I’m a fan of dead space so I might not.

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