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Jesse, Mark and I were heading back to Penn Station (New York City) after a fun day when we walked right passed the Jacob Javits center (which is where we started). Every time I am near the Javits center, it is daytime. But this time it was already dark out, but with the city lights shining on the door and the inside lights still on, I had to snap this quick photo. When capturing it, I knew this would end up as a clean black & white photograph.

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,



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    1. Thank you Kristi. I appreciate that.

  1. Forgot about this as well, probably because I was starving. Really clean, dig it.

    1. Thanks Jesse. I was pretty hungry too. I got 3 slices of pizza :)

  2. Really cool depth in this image – and the B&W conversion is really tasteful.

    1. I appreciate that Steve, thank you.

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