On the twelfth day of Christmas… Topaz Labs

It’s the last day of this extremely fun 12 Days of Christmas Photography Gifts.  Because it’s the last day I figured I would end with a bang.

Topaz LabsToday’s gift is from Topaz Labs.  I am proud to give away a free copy of their entire Photoshop Bundle.  That is every Photoshop plugin that they released in one shot.  How cool, right?

Comment below with the name of the plugin from Topaz Labs that you’re most excited to try, use or win from the Photoshop Bundle.

I will use random.org to pick a winner.  Please use a working email address, otherwise a new winner will be picked.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will still be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

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  1. Topaz Simplify

  2. Topaz Adjust..or Detail.

  3. I had the trial of Topaz Adjust a while ago and it was fantastic for pseudo HDR images, would love to experiment more!

  4. I love the way Topaz Adjust works and would love to own the entire suite.

  5. Topaz Adjust holds the most interest for me…. hope I win :D

    Thanks Scott for these giveaways! I’ve really enjoyed them.

  6. Simplify all the way.

    BTW Scott- I think it’s really cool that you’ve been doing this. I also love that it’s such a small number of people responding – makes it all seem more intimate.

    Thank you

  7. Topaz adjust looks pretty damn awesome!

  8. Very cool! I wanna win :)

    Great giveaways for the 12 Days of Christmas. Thanks!

  9. Kinda want to give InFocus a try!

  10. Topaz DeNoise would be sweet!

  11. I would love Topaz Adjust.

  12. InFocus!

  13. Topaz DeNoise!
    High ISO on my D200 is rough.

  14. I’m so excited to use topaz adjust for my HDR work!

  15. Topaz DeNoise! I’ve tried the demo version and absolutely love it. I am making every effort to budget for it, but there are so many things I need. Of course if I win, that takes one item off my wishlist.

  16. Wow, Scott, this is the BEST one yet! My fingers are tightly crossed!
    It’s really hard to pick what I’d be most excited for because they all look so useful – but I think I’d go with Topaz Adjust.

  17. I’d love to have both the Mask and the DeNoise applications!

  18. Topaz Simplify seems nice and creative – sure photos can hold on their own, but sometimes, a little free realm creativity is nice.

  19. In Focus. I have dozens of family shots that are not quite in focus, but would be great snapshots if I could recover some of that.

  20. I’m guessing Topaz Adjust would be the one to use!

    Great giveaways… Now looking forward to Christmas next year to see what you have up your Santa Sleeve! :D

  21. Topaz Adjust!

  22. Most likely DeNoise. Always have noise issues with low light.

  23. I am excited to try out Topaz Adjust and the entire suite.

  24. adjust me!

  25. I think the Adjust would be the top used plugin followed by InFocus!


  26. Mask. No, DeNoise. No, Resize. Way too many choices. Let’s face it, I want them all.

  27. DeNoise but I”ve never used any of them before so winning the entire bundle would be sweet!

    Thanks so much for these gifts Scott. I think I have entered every day but yesterday because I forgot :(

  28. I am interested in learning more about InFocus.

  29. Topaz Adjust! What an amazing program. I downloaded the trial and was never able to get the real thing!

    Thanks for this op Scott, you are now in my Google Reader along with all the other Scott’s!

  30. Without a doubt, topaz adjust.

  31. I want to use Topaz Adjust

  32. I would love to own the entire suite but i think topaz Adjust would get the most use!

  33. I would love to try out Topaz Adjust. :)

  34. Topaz Adjust ~ Definitely.

  35. ReMask would be super duper!


  36. Topaz Adjust I think although they all look nifty!

  37. Topaz Adjust! Thank you for the chance!

  38. I love Topaz Adjust

  39. I would love Topaz Adjust.

  40. I would love to have Topaz Adjust

  41. My favorite of all the Topaz plugins by far is Adjust… cool product

  42. I love the the DeNoise plugin. Works wonders on my singe-shot HDR images.

  43. Topaz Adjust – because I’m colorblind as hell!

  44. Topaz Adjust would be great!

  45. Topaz DeNoise is my vote. Have been wanting to try that for a while now.

  46. topaz adjust looks great.

  47. Topaz Adjust

  48. I would like to try InFocus.

  49. Topaz DeNoise. I had it, liked it, but couldn’t afford it.

  50. Remask! Oh how I hope it would save me time!

  51. I have the perfect image to try denoise with! I can’t wait, here’s to crossing my fingers!

  52. I like Denoise and Infocus. Have some old photos I’d love to play with.

  53. I’m most excited to use the adjust plugin. I need to improve my HDR images after photomax.

  54. The one tool that I’d be most excited to win is Topaz InFocus. Thanks for running these contests!

  55. Topaz InFocus
    sharpening and deblurring plug-in

    This would be very useful

  56. Most definitely DeNoise!!

  57. Denoise. Thank you!

  58. Would love to try Adjust.

  59. I’ve been dying to get Topaz Labs Bundle since I did the free trial. It is on the top of my “I want it” list… literally #1 want.

    Which do I want to try… inFocus… it looks awesome. I bet it salvages a bunch of those iffy shots I didn’t toss.. cause someone would make an awesome app to help the fuzzies.

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