On the third day of Christmas… 1Password


Have you ever forgotten your password?  Did you know that internet browsers are not securely storing your saved passwords?  Now is your chance to protect your information.  That is where 1Password comes in to play.

1Password has been available for Mac quite some time.  They recently released 1Password for Windows.  I use it on my Droid and it syncs to my Mac using Dropbox!

Want a free license?

Comment below with your favorite shortcut key command.  Example:  Command+C is to Copy on a Mac.

I will use random.org to pick a winner.  Please use a working email address, otherwise, a new winner will be picked.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will still be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

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  1. Command – bracket to change brush size in PS.

    1. Command – bracket is my fave, too.

  2. Ctrl+Shift+Esc to bring up Task Manager… I’m on windows so you have to do a lot of task killing!

  3. Ctrl+Alt+click on item for assigning hotkey to that item in pixologic Zbrush. Makes everything so easy while i am working on it.. :)

  4. I’m a big Alt+Tab fan…quick window switching is awesome!

  5. my favourite (long) shortcut :

    ctrl + shift +alt + e : make a new layer combining all your layers in photoshop !

  6. Control c and control v. Old school, but my favorite :)

  7. That will be Alt+Tab now that I have just discovered it! Quick window switching rocks!

  8. My favorite is ctrl-t, for new browser tabs.

  9. Command + J to duplicate a layer in PS!

  10. Command option shift e to create a new layer from all visible layers in ps

  11. Ctrl+A to select everything on the page then press “DELETE” That is my most favorite! :-)

  12. control s then scroll.. This will auto zoom your mac screen to a larger size

  13. I’m an alt – tab fan myself for switching windows, i like ctrl-t for opening and ctrl-w for closing tabs in my browser too~!

  14. Command + Option + Shift + 8 to invert the colors on your Mac!

  15. Oh No! I mistyped it, sorry about that: Command + Option + Control + 8 inverts the colors.

  16. have to go with the standard ctrl-c and ctrl-v for copying and pasting.

    I was just talking to my photography partner yesterday about password apps – would love to win this :)

  17. I do use the Command+C and Command+V a lot!

  18. I am constantly using Command + C and Command + V to copy and paste all the time.

  19. My face is command shift 4 for screen captures

  20. Hey there Scott, hope you’re having a fun holiday. One of my faves is ‘Ctrl Shft F’ to see images full screen in Lightroom.

  21. Easy question – Cmd is my all time favourite as it’s the Fill Login shortcut for 1Password!

  22. F2 to rename a file

  23. CTRL-space, to launch Quicksilver on a Mac.

  24. Cmd+Z to undo

  25. command option =
    to zoom in on screen, especially good for showing my dad things, because he won’t always put his glasses on.

  26. ctrl shift alt s – save for the web in photoshop

  27. CTRL + U (on OS X) to launch Snagit..

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