On the tenth day of Christmas… WPTouch Pro

WP Touch ProIt’s the ninth day of Christmas and I have something for WordPress photographers.  WPTouch Pro is the best solution to turn your WordPress driven website into a mobile powerhouse. The winner of this gift will receive a free license of WPTouch Pro.

Comment below with what you think the coolest feature of WPTouch Pro is.

I will use random.org to pick a winner.  Please use a working email address, otherwise a new winner will be picked.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will still be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

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  1. The best feature is that your site, no matter how you have your site set up to see up in a regular browser, you see it perfectly in a mobile device!

  2. My feature is the web app install so you can place an icon on your home screen and run it like a native iPhone app. Best WordPress plugin ever.

  3. The coolest feature is Child themes.

  4. The coolest feature is simply how it’s able to make your WP site mobile with very little config

  5. I think the coolest feature is iPad support. It’s great that you can view your site in a fully customized iPad experience.

  6. I’m using the free version of WP-Touch on one of my blogs.

    The Pro version has a Web-App mode which “delivers a native application-like experience on iPad”.

  7. The coolest feature is that they have a free version that really makes you want to buy the pro version.

  8. Anything that allows me to format my WP content so that it is readable on an iPhone is pretty impressive to me!

  9. The coolest feature is the theme that can be customized!

  10. It appears to be a very easy setup. I like that!

  11. I think the fact that it works on a blackberry is amazing because so many apps dont.. I love my blackberry!!!

  12. would love this! I use WordPress for 2 of my blogs and it would be a great use as I am always using mobile devices for browsing

  13. The easy setup

  14. I like that you can have it set for a mobile device but clients or other visitors can switch to your desktop theme as well among everything else that it does. very cool.

  15. The best thing… I am going to blog this year! With WPtouchPro… it will be easier!

  16. I like that it’s simple. That’s a plus for people like me who aren’t computer wizards.

  17. The fact that I can convert my entire “graphics heavy” website to a version that is easy to download, read, and relate to on virtually any smart phone or reader with the click of a button — BEST Plug-In EVER!

    I recommend it to all of my clients. Always!!

  18. I am using the basic, free version of WPtouch Pro, and cannot wait to explore what the full version brings!

  19. I’m liking the web app mode.

  20. I like the iOS interface, ability to customize, and the web-app mode.

  21. Well… I am a new user of WordPress so I don’t really know much about WPtouch Pro, but I’m definitely interested in learning more about it.

  22. Well, the ability to create a new, full-fledged theme with minimal coding would seem to be worth it’s weight in gold!

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