On the first day of Christmas… X-Equals Big Box


The Big Box from X-Equals gives you every opportunity to get creative and at the same time put your Lightroom Workflow on overdrive!

In the box

  • Creative Production Presets Vol. 1
  • Cold Storage Film Presets Vol. 1
  • Cold Storage Film Presets Vol. 2
  • Lightroom 3 Mini-guide – Tips and Techniques to get you rocking
  • Living in the Cloud – Offsite Storage for Photographers

375 Lightroom Presets and 2 great eBooks. That is $50 worth of products!

To win this product, simply comment with your favorite thing about Adobe Lightroom.  I will use random.org to pick the winner.  The Big Box ZIP file link will be emailed to the winner.  (Double bonus fun points if you tweet this post to your friends… I will stick be picking at random but it doesn’t hurt to share)

And don’t forget to check check out the X-Equals blog.  They provide great tips and tutorials for free on their blog.

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  1. Love your idea of the 12 days of Christmas. Love Lightroom for the ease in which it organizes my images and it is at the heart of my workflow.

    1. noise reduction for sure !!!
      Thanks !

  2. Lightroom…pick my favorite thing? That is difficult! I think my favorite feature is the adjustment brush in Develop mode.

  3. My favorite thing about Lightroom is it’s non-destructive workflow and the export to wen feature.

  4. My favorite thing about Lightroom is…umm… Can everything be an answer. I love the presets people have produced for it, I enjoy the interoperability with Photoshop, the cataloging, and the lens corrections. It is where my workflows start and end.

  5. I think my favorite thing about lightroom is that I think it’s coming to iPad soon. Other than that I love the ability to pick out faves and smart collections. My wife that is slowly learning the software can hop on and select images that stand out to her and then easily review them further.

    It’s something really simple and could be done with Bridge, ect but LR makes it that much easier and nice.

  6. Organization, period!

  7. That’s a great one Scott! Good stuff!

  8. My favorite thing about LR3 in particular is the ability to do nondestructive edits and then export all of the photos at once, to multiple locations, AND watermark them right within LR3 (as opposed to a 3rd party like with LR2). I did my first wedding with PS4 and have been using LR ever since. The time it saves me is absolutely priceless. I can’t imagine going back to just using PS.

  9. One of my favorite things about LlightRoom is the noise reduction

  10. Favorite thing about Lightroom 3 is how easy it is to post photos in FB or Flicker.

  11. noise reduction for sure !!!
    Thanks !

  12. My favorite thing about Lightroom is the ability for non-destructive editing and using virtual copies to try out different looks without eating up hard drive space

  13. The way it can be used like Capture NX2 U Point

  14. In Lightroom 3, I love the ability to selectively adjust (spot adjust) the exposure levels in an image.

  15. I love how I can easily sync adjustments in just a few seconds, so much faster than with Adobe Camera RAW, love it!

  16. nondestructive editing for sure, but then again, what don’t I like about lightroom most day :)

  17. um, all of it! oh wait, he said pick one. ok here goes… Sync, and um… non-destructive edits, and um… collections, and um Export,… Sorry but I don’t take my “I puffy heart LR” tattoo lightly!

  18. I like the import and export along with keeping the original safe from changes and easily edited in the future. Getting more presets is always good…

  19. Non-destructive editing is my favorite.

  20. I love how easy Lightroom is to use. I do 98% of my processing in it.

  21. My favorite part of Lightroom is definitely the presets. I love experimenting with different effects!

  22. My favorite thing about lightroom is the ability to never leave the application from start to finish. The UI only gets better and better with each revision. I would never guess that Adobe could improve on PS but kudos for LR!

  23. I’m loving the new Noise Reduction algorithms in Lightroom 3…has definitely simplified my workflow!

    1. Winner winner chicken dinner

  24. What I love about Adobe Lightroom is the workflow. Dump the photos from memory card. Tag the keepers. Dump the rest. Develop — adjust exposure, noise levels etc. Export.

  25. I love how I can do 95% of what I need in Lightroom and then seamlessly go to Photoshop

  26. The Adjustment Brush rocks!

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