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PhotoverseOn Friday when I announced that HDRPhotog is available in Photoverse, you didn’t think I would pass up the opportunity to get my blog in the app too did you? I am happy to not only share that Scott Wyden Imagery is available in Photoverse, but I also have a few redemption codes to offer. [below]

As I mentioned in the HDRPhotog announcement, Photoverse is not free.  However, it is one application with great content.  For 99 cents I think it is worth the download.  Remember, I make nothing off the sale unless you click my affiliate link… and commission on 99 cents really is a small amount.

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PhotoVerse - Kolekse


For your viewing pleasure, here are some screenshots from inside Photoverse

Photoverse Screenshot Photoverse Screenshot photoverse photoverse photoverse photoverse

photoverse for ipad photoverse for ipad photoverse for ipad

PhotoVerse collects information from multiple news sources and blogs related to photography, pools them and presents them to you in an easy to read scrollable list. It enables you to can choose the view you want to see, be it from a single news source or blog or a time-sorted collection from multiple sources that you can select.

Redemption Codes

First come first served

  • MXT394X6FY7E
  • PR996P4JPPKX
  • H73344W64MLX
  • NTTAW7LKK437

Thanks for reading and happy shooting,


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  1. Thanks for the code! :-)

  2. Are there other blogs integrated into the app?

    1. Yup, many – and all photography of course.

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